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evolution of style + dance

how cute is this westfield stratford ad?  it combines a bunch of things i like: fashion, dance, couples (i guess?), and videography.

it chronicles 100 years of east london style from the 1910’s until present times.

when i saw this, it totally reminded me of the evolution of dance video (and i wasn’t alone):

and while we’re on the subject of dance…how amazing is david elsewhere?  an oldie but goodie, i can’t help but smile when i watch this:

he’s one of the silhouettes in my favorite ipod ad (break dancing + daft punk? yes, please!):

it’s a shame he never got to perform with michael jackson; they were collaborating for “this is it”…

dancing is one of the (many) things i really wish i was good at.  funny how this turned from a fashion post to dance.

have a great labor day weekend!  i’ll be spending it churning out 8 essays.


so apparently that cool travel video i posted several days ago was part of a series for sta travel.  the one i posted was entitled “move”, and the other 2 are “eat” and “learn”.  i must say these are pretty effective viral marketing tools.  i know i like to move (travel, not exercise), eat, and learn (well, sorta) anyways.



and here’s “move” again so you can see them all together:

gulp, i heart aardman

based on my blog posts it should be pretty clear that i love animation, especially pixar.  time to show love for aardman.  when it comes to stop motion animation, aardman is pretty much thee studio.  i’m a big fan of wallace & gromit and shaun the sheep.  well, i think shaun is freaking adorable in the wallace & gromit universe but the shaun the sheep series is kinda boring.

anyways, aardman came out with a short entitled “gulp”…not only is it the world’s largest stop motion animation shot, it was all shot on a nokia n8 cell phone.

if you’re amazed by the picture quality, i’m sure it’s due to the 12 megapixel carl zeiss optics camera.