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keeping up with my valentine’s tradition, here are some new valentines from repeat valentine illustrator ben kling. his previous collection was dictators and it looks like he removed the be mein/hitler one, too controversial? these ones should be more pc, it looks like they’re notable luminaries from academia.

ben kling, valentine, darwin

ben kling, valentine, shakespeare

ben kling, valentine, socrates

ben kling, valentine, benjamin franklin

ben kling, valentine, nietzsche

check out the rest of series on ben’s site.

and spend the day by sharing a hot beverage with this starbucks offer:

starbucks, valentine, valentine's, coupon, offer, discount, bogo, buy one get one, b1g1

be mein

happy valentine’s, y’all! it’s already been over a year since i started the blog?  wow.  last year i blogged about barbara pala’s valentine illustrations; in keeping with that spirit, here are some funny and terrible valentines from ben kling.

some choice selections from his “dictator” series from last year:

ben kling, be mein, hitler, valentine, illustration


see the full series on his site.

and from this year’s historical portrait series:


more on his site; he’s releasing 7 more tomorrow so check it out.


the ones he released are part of a drug series…hugs not drugs, kids!

be mine, valentine

my special someone gave me this valentine on thee most “romantic” holiday of the year:

me + you: this kind of love is intergalactic

this is from sardinian-born designer barbara pala’s “me+you” series, featuring iconic couples. they’re all so witty and cute that i have to share them all. and there’s a variation for just about everyone, regardless of your relationship status.

can you figure out all the references?

me + you + you: some people just have a lot of love to give

me + you: there's a dark side to love

me + you: rubber ducky, i'm awfully fond of you

me + me: look into the mirror & love what you see
me + you go together like peas & carrots
me + you: all you need is love
me + you: drugged, drunk, & desperately in love

isn’t this series fun? from top to bottom the answers are (1) han solo + princess leia, (2) playboy bunny + hugh heffner + playboy bunny, (3) black swan + white swan, (4) ernie + burt, (5) kanye west, (6) forest + jenny, (7) john lennon + yoko ono, and (8) kurt cobain + courtney love. i especially love the kanye one!