thomas bangalter does fashion

the cooler half of daft punk, thomas bangalter, directed a short film for luxury fashion brand co starring his wife elodie bouchez for their spring/summer 2012 collection.

daft punk is no stranger to directing as they released a full length film called electroma before.  they should stick to making music…not that this one was bad.

color blocking done right

i was resistant to the color blocking trend at first, but i recently embraced it whole-heartedly after i saw a dress i really liked at max mara a couple weeks ago.

i tend to be very picky about looks i want to achieve and color blocking is no different for me.  i’ve been trying to cash in on this and replicate the vibrancy of the dress, which paired orange and blue but haven’t been completely happy with anything i’ve seen or even purchased.  there are certainly other colors but i’m really digging the orange-blue and red-blue combos.

and speaking of gucci, with their jewel-toned collections…you can bet they have some amazing looks:

gorgeous right?

so what colors look good together to achieve this look?  look to the color wheel and at the concepts of complementary, analogous, and triadic colors.

and why write a long post on what that means when there are tons of articles already out there and when i can post these great videos from wendy’s lookbook (she’s so cute)?



oh. crap.

the chanel camellia-embossed zippy wallet from s/s 2011.  it’s like my woc…but patent.  damnit, why did i have to get red lambskin!

last year i went crazy and bought 2 chanel purses, 2 pairs of christian louboutin heels, 1 pair of chanel pumps, and a pair of alexander mcqueen heels at around the same time–it’s no wonder i’m broke.  but i want…

club monaco spring 2011

what a cute campaign!  photo booths are so much fun.  the campaign was shot by ryan mcginley for the club monaco spring 2011.

swatch this, ladies

i don’t wear any watches, but the new lady collection from swatch is pretty cute. available in an assortment of pastel shades, it’s the perfect pop of color for spring.

for more details, please visit swatch. at $50, they’re pretty affordable too.


as my first post, i could be feeling some pressure to write something incredibly thought provoking or share something highly entertaining. unfortunately for you i’m lazy and will only be sharing this video (but hey, i think it’s cool).

designer collaborations have been quite popular for a while now. i don’t have any particular affinity for  levi’s or opening ceremony (gasp, blasphemy!), but i do really like this video promoting the levi’s chambray by opening ceremony collection.