how apple broke the pr rules–and got away with it

i saw an interesting post today from the harvard business review called “how apple broke the pr rules–and got away it” by joshua gans.  he basically discusses how apple broke 5 “key” pr rules after the fiasco of the iphone 4 release.  when it was released, apple was faced with a crisis over dropped signal strength if the device was held a certain way.  by breaking these crisis communication rules, apple actually benefited and saved its brand and reputation.

i won’t post the entire article, if you’re interested in learning more, just check it out at hbr. but i will list the 5 rules broken by apple:

  1. apologize & take full responsibility
  2. don’t create expectations with a media event
  3. announce the giveaway first
  4. avoid specific comparisons with competitors
  5. don’t air your industry’s dark secrets

reading this made me wonder how toyota would have fared if it had responded the way apple did after the recalls.