stay hungry, stay foolish: remembering steve + michael

steve jobs
1955 – 2011

john lasseter + steve jobs

because he valued design and aesthetics as much as function and performance
because he constantly strove to be the best–even until the end. i don’t think it’s a coincidence he died only a day after the iphone 4s was released. he was in it until the end.
because of his creativity and innovation
because i don’t think pixar would be here today if it wasn’t for him
because of his charisma and his ability to inspire others
because he was a regular guy

an oldie but goodie:

michael jackson
1958 – 2009

because he’s the moon walker
because of his compassion and empathy
because he was also a perfectionist
because he felt lonely
because he truly loved his fans
because i abandoned him

why thrill billie jean when you can be a smooth criminal?

because…they left us too soon…were game-changers, no–world-changers…there will never be anyone else like them
rest in peace
i will miss you both, always

wanted | $1m reward | pizza planet delivery truck

if you don’t know, now you do–pixar has included the toy story pizza planet delivery truck in all of their films except for the incredibles.  this is always something fun to look for in their movies.  and their upcoming film brave will also have a hidden cameo of the beat up truck.  but brave is set in medieval scotland so it might be pretty difficult finding it–or really easy.  but i’m guessing hard since director mark andrews is promising one million dollars if you can spot it.  of course it’s in “play money, goofy dollars”, not real money–but still, i’ll take it!

pixar’s up house a reality

i previously blogged about the national geographic channel’s “how hard can it be” tv show replicating a house flying with balloons from disney-pixar’s up (twice), but now there is an actual house replicating the one carl and ellie lived in–an exact copy down to just about every detail.

bangerter homes, the developer, was granted permission to replicate the house by disney, which is an incredible accomplishment in itself.  i work with disney and they have a lot of strict policies/rules.  the house is located in herriman, utah and just recently finished the exterior.  the interior is still a work in-progress but they’re following the blueprint from the film and being mindful of every detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem–including the weather vane and garden hose.

it’s open for tours starting july 29th until august 14th with an opening asking price of $400,000.  pretty affordable, but it does seem rather small and as much as i love up, pixar, and collectibles…you won’t find me submitting a bid.

it is awfully cute though…

first look | pixar’s brave

brave will be disney-pixar’s first movie with a female lead…excited!  this project has been pushed back for a few years for the crap that is cars 2.

here’s the teaser trailer:

it’s coming out next summer!

my take on cars 2

although pixar’s cars was a good movie…i personally felt it was the weakest film in their body of work.  when they announced a sequel, i was disappointed because i felt pixar was only doing it for the money (because cars appeals to the nascar-loving, middle american crowd).

it does make me a feel a little bit better that john lasseter is a part of this crowd and loves cars and the movie itself, but i still see no reason for a sequel.

but still, i planned on watching it because i’m an avid fan and while most sequels can’t compare to the original, pixar has produced sequels that are just as good, or even better, than the originals with the toy story franchise.

pixar has such an amazing track record–consistently producing box-office successes that all score higher than 90% (except cars at 74%, which is still decent), at a total of 11 movies,  is unheard of.  to be honest, i was kind of waiting for when they’d finally “mess up” and i said earlier this year that cars 2 could possibly be that fumble in their otherwise perfect track record.

as cars 2 opens this weekend, i’m choosing not to watch it.  this will be the first time i won’t be watching a pixar movie on opening weekend.  mostly because my gmat is coming up soon and i need to really buckle down so i don’t have to take it a third time (which seems likely at this point).  but also because, cars 2 actually is their fumble…it’s currently at “rotten” with a 40% on rotten tomatoes.  i expected this but i’m still sad.

josh berta over at the design observer is also choosing not to watch cars 2, but he won’t be watching it all, not just opening weekend.  but his reasoning behind that decision is because he feels that cars is too intelligent-design/creationist…i’m not sure if i agree with that.

i read a comment somewhere that said pixar loses out to the “green guy” (shrek and i guess now, rango).

the china comic & animation museum (ccam)

i saw renderings of and was pretty excited for the china comic and animation museum (ccam) but i didn’t realize that china is hoping to overtake the u.s.  in animation.  whoa whoa, china…a little ambitious trying to transform hangzhou into the animation capital of the world.

the best animation studios and histories are from the u.s., but even still, let’s not forget japan and korea.  a lot of animation is currently outsourced but none of these studios are getting acclaim for the work they’re producing, because well…it’s not really theirs to own.  if they want to be true animation masters, that means more than the technical animation–it means they have to be master storytellers, because that’s the real key (i.e. pixar, disney in the “golden age”).  most entertainment globally is still coming from hollywood/the u.s., i’m not sure how china plans on breaking this–even bollywood hasn’t done it and it’s been doing it for a lot longer.

but in any case, the museum designed by mvrdv still looks amazing and i hope to visit some day…especially since i’ve never really been to china.

mvrdv designed the buildings to look like 3d speech/thought bubbles…cute right?

for more information on the museum and how spending $130 million may not be the best way to stimulate china’s economy, read fast company design‘s piece on the subject.

more on national geographic’s up project

as a follow up to my previous post, now with video coverage and more photos:

how hard can it be? recreating pixar’s up

if you know me at all, you probably know that i love animation and once (and maybe still do) wanted to be an animator professionally.  this has led to a most-of-my-life-long dream to work at pixar.  these days i’m thinking i’m not cut out to be an animator, but i’d still like to work in marketing/pr for pixar, but i’m getting side-tracked.

one of the most beautiful images from pixar’s long award-winning film legacy is the pastel-colored house propelled by rainbow-colored balloons against a blue sky and puffy white clouds from their 2009 hit up.

as much as i enjoyed the movie, i dismissed the idea as being realistically impossible and childish fancy.  but the national geographic channel has replicated it–successfully!

seriously…how freaking cool is this?!

a team of scientists, engineers, and two world-class balloon pilots successfully launched a 16′ X 16′ house 18′ tall with 8′ colored weather balloons from a private airfield east of los angeles, and set a new world record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted.

using 300 helium-filled weather balloons, the lightweight building reached an altitude of more than 3000 meters and remained in the air for about an hour.

the filming of the event, from a private airstrip, will be part of a new national geographic channel series called “how hard can it be?”, which will premiere in fall 2011.

i wonder if they’re going to attempt doing such complex and expensive feats throughout the show.  i must say this is definitely a good way to generate publicity and pique interest in the show.

if they want to create a functioning wall-e, i’d be happy to take him after the show.