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toms get luxurious

hello, dear readers…it’s been a while since i last posted, have you missed me?

i love toms.  my feet get tired really easily, which has been irritating to no end, but my toms are like some of the most comfortable shoes i own.  in my trip to nyc in april, the most comfortable pair of shoes i brought were a pair of tory burch reva’s, which girls swear by as being comfortable (lies!).  my feet were in such discomfort from all the walking i was doing that i actually looked up the closest toms retailer on the website and quickly bought a pair for the rest of the trip.

what’s also great about toms is the philanthropic component of their business model, which is also a big marketing/selling point for them–as demonstrated in their motto/slogan “one for one”.

the row, one of mary kate and ashley olsen’s many companies, has collaborated with toms to create a collection made of italian-sourced wool and cashmere blends in their classic styles.  the price points range from $140 to $150, which are about 3x’s more than the price of their normal classic styles.

what do you guys think?

i don’t know how i feel about this.  it feels contradictory almost.  it’s important for toms to have appealing designs and be constructed well and out of quality materials but if one of their key missions is charity, it almost feels wrong to have such an expensive, luxurious pair.  i actually find toms rather expensive already at their normal prices but some can justify it as buying two pairs, including the one that’s donated (but you know, without any tax deduction benefits like real charitable giving).  they’re still donating a pair for each pair bought from this collection, but i almost feel they should be donating 3 pairs, rather than 1.