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keeping up with my valentine’s tradition, here are some new valentines from repeat valentine illustrator ben kling. his previous collection was dictators and it looks like he removed the be mein/hitler one, too controversial? these ones should be more pc, it looks like they’re notable luminaries from academia.

ben kling, valentine, darwin

ben kling, valentine, shakespeare

ben kling, valentine, socrates

ben kling, valentine, benjamin franklin

ben kling, valentine, nietzsche

check out the rest of series on ben’s site.

and spend the day by sharing a hot beverage with this starbucks offer:

starbucks, valentine, valentine's, coupon, offer, discount, bogo, buy one get one, b1g1

be mein

happy valentine’s, y’all! it’s already been over a year since i started the blog?  wow.  last year i blogged about barbara pala’s valentine illustrations; in keeping with that spirit, here are some funny and terrible valentines from ben kling.

some choice selections from his “dictator” series from last year:

ben kling, be mein, hitler, valentine, illustration


see the full series on his site.

and from this year’s historical portrait series:


more on his site; he’s releasing 7 more tomorrow so check it out.


the ones he released are part of a drug series…hugs not drugs, kids!

chubby bears

man, it’s been super dead here lately…sorry, folks.  looks like i’ll be applying to some schools round 2 too, le sigh.  i’ll give an update once i have decisions from all my r1 schools.

gahhh, so cute!!! pedo bear’s especially funny.

adult books

business of fashion came out with their list of this season’s top 10 fashion films.  it’s no surprise that lanvin’s made #1.  but i really enjoyed this one from olympia le-tan as directed by spike jonze called “mourir aupres de toi”:

i think i need me one of these book cover clutches.  it reminds me of jillian tamaki’s covers for penguin that i posted about before.

that’s some naughty thread!

to watch the others, see bof’s original post.

go the eff to sleep

as read by samuel jackson:

conan o’brien says to transfer all mba’s to white collar prison

on june 12th, conan o’brien gave the commencement speech at dartmouth college.  in his speech, he went over “the conan doctrine”.  the first rule?  “all bachelor degrees will be upgraded to master’s degrees. all master’s degrees will be upgraded to phd’s. and all mba students will be immediately transferred to a white collar prison.”

another highlight from his speech: “before i begin, i must point out that behind me sits a highly admired president of the united states and decorated war hero while i, a cable television talk show host, has been chosen to stand here and impart wisdom. i pray i never witness a more damning example of what is wrong with america today.”

see how i’m trying to keep things more entertaining?

the martin agency’s new commercial for walmart

it’s been a really long time since i’ve cracked up out loud over a commercial…nicely done.

i hate that the still shot for the video before it loads gives away the punch line.