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keeping up with my valentine’s tradition, here are some new valentines from repeat valentine illustrator ben kling. his previous collection was dictators and it looks like he removed the be mein/hitler one, too controversial? these ones should be more pc, it looks like they’re notable luminaries from academia.

ben kling, valentine, darwin

ben kling, valentine, shakespeare

ben kling, valentine, socrates

ben kling, valentine, benjamin franklin

ben kling, valentine, nietzsche

check out the rest of series on ben’s site.

and spend the day by sharing a hot beverage with this starbucks offer:

starbucks, valentine, valentine's, coupon, offer, discount, bogo, buy one get one, b1g1

electric holiday

taste the rainbow

sometimes i wish i had tumblr…would make reblogging so much easier.

super cute…thanks to google translate, what makes these even better is that they’re tarts!  i’m calling dibs on this idea for my wedding…no stealing allowed, ok?


ny-based artist darcel is celebrating french boutique colette’s 15th anniversary as one of the world’s biggest innovators of fashion, art, design, and retail with an exhibition of his infamous character darcel disappoints.  150 of the era’s biggest influencers in art, photography, fashion, design, cinema, and music, from coco chanel to wes anderson to kaws, are “darcellized”.  the exhibition runs from february 27th until march 31st.

some of my favorites:

michel gondry

spike jonze

wes andeson

tom ford



and rolf

karl lagerfeld

coco chanel

anna wintour

andy warhol

takashi murakami

jeff koons

marc jacobs

there are just so many…and they’re all great!  see the rest at colette.  OR, even better…download the pdf of all the darcels!

chubby bears

man, it’s been super dead here lately…sorry, folks.  looks like i’ll be applying to some schools round 2 too, le sigh.  i’ll give an update once i have decisions from all my r1 schools.

gahhh, so cute!!! pedo bear’s especially funny.

evolution of style + dance

how cute is this westfield stratford ad?  it combines a bunch of things i like: fashion, dance, couples (i guess?), and videography.

it chronicles 100 years of east london style from the 1910’s until present times.

when i saw this, it totally reminded me of the evolution of dance video (and i wasn’t alone):

and while we’re on the subject of dance…how amazing is david elsewhere?  an oldie but goodie, i can’t help but smile when i watch this:

he’s one of the silhouettes in my favorite ipod ad (break dancing + daft punk? yes, please!):

it’s a shame he never got to perform with michael jackson; they were collaborating for “this is it”…

dancing is one of the (many) things i really wish i was good at.  funny how this turned from a fashion post to dance.

have a great labor day weekend!  i’ll be spending it churning out 8 essays.

fuzzy potter!!

boyfriend just sent me this site for the fuzzy potter gifs but OH MY GOSH SO CUTE!  i love cute things, i love fat things, i love rodents…AUGH SO CUTE!

this is totally me

so fat and so squishy!

i’m not really a cat person but i love this fat cat!  now i realize it’s an illustration but it’s based off their real pet…although i’m sure i like the illustrated one more.

sample sale | tokidoki | 8.27.11

i think i’m too old for tokidoki now but it sure is cute…if only i was 15 years younger…

this saturday (8.27): 8 am – 6 pm

5655 w. adams blvd.
los angeles, ca 90016

cash only

i’m feelin’ this camera bag

finally, a camera bag that looks great and discrete.  liking this option from ona:

designed by tracy foster, a photographer, “ona” (pronounced ō’na) means “to feel,” “to believe,” and “to experience with the eyes.”

ona’s philosophy:
“We believe that your camera bags and accessories should be discreet, stylish, and functional. They should complement, not distract from, your personal style. They should be rich and imaginative, like the photos you love to take. And they should boast an enduring design that allows you to carry your gear safely and comfortably”

and, it’s endorsed by jamie beck of from me to you.  so, i’m into it.