linguine with clams

my favorite foods?  korean bbq and noodles/pasta.  noodles trump rice for me–always.  i don’t order pizza at california pizza kitchen; i always get pasta (chicken tequila fettuccine usually).

i like all kinds of noodles: pasta, from lasagna to linguine; rice noodles; dry; in broth–i want them all.  i’m not really a seafood person, but i do like some shell fish and crustaceans.  i’m also not a fan of cream-based sauces for pasta (don’t like most dairy products).  linguine with clams is a pasta dish i really like and this recipe from the kitchy kitchen looks amazing.

garlic?  good.  olive oil?  yum.  linguine?  my favorite type of pasta.  chili flakes?  now we’re talking.  bacon?  oh mama, i’m salivating.

this is a definite must try for me.  get the recipe at the kitchy kitchen.