i was pretty bummed when google announced that they were getting rid of google reader.  i check it almost every day…used to be multiple times a day when i wasn’t in school; and have about 140 rss subscriptions.  it’s such a convenient tool.  now that i’m getting almost daily notifications that google reader will be deactivated in a couple weeks, i started look for an rss subscription/google reader alternative and it led me to feedly.

feedly’s great because it has a much better-looking ui than google reader ever did and best of all, it’s really trying to snatch up people who were abandoned by google reader using its importing feature.  super easy.  i still need to learn my way around but i’m quite happy so far.  and while organizing my subscriptions, i was able to trim it down to 123…mostly deleting mba/gmat subscriptions and dead blogs.

you can tell a lot about a person from what they read huh?


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