warehouse sale | ella moss + splendid | 07.19.13 – 07.20.13

friday (07.19): 9 am – 4 pm
saturday (07.20): 9 am – 3 pm

the cooper building
11th floor
860 south los angeles
los angeles, ca 90014

ella moss, splendid, warehouse sale, sample sale

sample sale | elizabeth + james | 06.27.13 – 06.28.13

thursday (06.27) – friday (06.28): 10 am – 4 pm

cooper building
jaya llc
860 south los angeles
los angeles, ca 90014

sample sale, warehouse sale, elizabeth & james, elizabeth and james, elizabeth + james, olsen twins

sample sale | erin fetherston | 06.27.13 – 06.29.13

thursday (06.27) & friday (06.28): 12 – 8 pm
saturday (06.29): 10 am – 3 pm

225 west broadway
new york, ny 10013

erin fetherston, sample sale, warehouse sale, nyc, new york

score pieces from the latest erin by erin fetherston collections and erin fetherston designer archives for up to 80% off.

pick up signature items like the ERIN bow back dress for $100, formerly $375, or a rhinestone encrusted boyfriend cardigan for $50, slashed from $325. vintage inspiration samples start at $30.

sample sale | kooba + hayden-harnett | 07.17.13 – 07.19.13

wednesday (07.17) – friday (07.19): 10 am – 7 pm

ahq showroom
10 west 33rd street
suite 306
new york, ny 10001

didn’t realize kooba and hayden-harnett were sister brands. i have a wallet from brooklyn-based hayden-harnett that’s nearly 6 years old and in near-perfect condition…which is great, but to be honest…i kind of wish it had fallen apart by now so i could justify getting another one.

warehouse sale | black halo | 06.21.13 – 06.22.13

friday (06.21): 12 – 5 pm
saturday (06.22): 9 am – 3 pm

648 south mateo street
los angeles, ca 90021

black halo, warehouse sale, sample sale

still lusting after a jackie o dress…

sample sale | unif | 06.22.13

saturday (06.22): 10 am – 6 pm

830 traction avenue
los angeles, ca 90013

special notes:
cash + credit only

i admit i’m not super familiar with the brand, but one of my favorite tshirts (“mj i want u back”) is from unif and it’s super soft. i do know that unif = you’re not in fashion, which is a funny name for a fashion brand.

edited to add:
per racked, not only is this unif’s first solo sample sale but they’ll also be featuring live music and special giveaways.


to celebrate vespa’s 60th anniversary, french creative agency nomoon created the below animated retrospective of vespa’s evolution from 1943 until 2013.

i’ve long wanted a vespa/scooter…someday. i like 1969…i do not like 2013.

design by intention

this clip played at the start of wwdc:

with all the hype around ios 7, and the buzz words (“flat”, “skeuomorphism” ) being thrown around…i don’t really care. i’m not surprised that a company so focused on good design and simplicity has such a beautifully-animated design manifesto/statement.

source: fast co design


i found this article on the cut about a designer with a really unique marketing strategy pretty interesting.  mark tallowin, a tree-surgeon-turned-artist and leather craftsman, came up with a plan called the “4.4.8 experiment” where he’d make 4 bags, give them to 4 influencers in the fashion industry for a week, gather their feedback and have them pass on the bag to a person of their choice, for 8 weeks. at the end of the experiment, tallowin had 32 fashion insiders who had not only received the bags and provided their valuable input, but were also seen carrying the bag everywhere and wrote personally about the bags for his blog documenting the experiment.

it’s also pretty cool that he produces all bags in very limited quantities because he oversees the entire process. and he wants it that way–he wants each bag to be made by one person from start to finish, from selecting the hides all the way to shipping.  i particularly love this quote:

I may train up an apprentice at some point, but I’m quite happy staying small. I think designers become very keen to say, “I’m turning over a huge amount and I’m stocked in 500 shops worldwide” — but then they become a manager in their own company. If I wanted to be a manager, I would have done something else. I love making handbags and I get a huge rush when a customer e-mails me to say, “I’ve just seen it — I love it.” It’s the biggest buzz.

tallowin, mark tallowin, split edge, kettle bell, flat iron, ink well

the full collection: split edge, kettle bell, flat iron, ink well (top to bottom)

i particularly like the kettle bell and flat iron bags. i think the flat iron would make a really nice work bag. i’m also a big fan of the story behind the names of each one.

i’m rooting for this underdog in the luxury industry…i hope mark doesn’t lose sight of his passion for craftsmanship and his business continues to grow.

read my lips

today, burberry launched a genius marketing campaign called “burberry kisses” in collaboration with google to promote their lipsticks. the microsite forces you to download and use google chrome, where you can choose from stock “quick kisses” or create a personal smooch using a web cam to capture your own lips. you then choose your city and send a personalized message to someone in another city, sealed with a kiss. you can choose to have your smooch in a burberry lip color, then you watch a video of the message soaring to its recipient using google earth and street view technology. there’s also a geo map that shows “the world of kisses”, both live and all.

i must admit that it’s not great at accurately capturing the lip shape…maybe i need better lighting.

burberry, kisses, microsite, lipstick, campaign

the burberry kisses microsite

capturing my lips

capturing my lips

my lips are ready

my lips are ready

mystery recipient

the voyage as it’s mailed to different parts of the world…

that's my high school!!

that’s my high school!!

reflection of the space needle for seattle

reflection of the space needle for seattle

i guess this is somewhere?

i guess this is somewhere?

Screenshot (25)

soaring thru the clouds

past the space needle

past the space needle

hello, manhattan

hello, manhattan

and los angeles

and los angeles

this generic park seems to be ending them all

this generic park seems to be ending them all

Screenshot (28)

burberry, kisses, email, marketing, microsite, lipstick

email confirmation that your kiss was delivered, complete with lip color

world of kisses – all

world of kisses - live

world of kisses – live

super cool stuff.  for more info, check out the article on wwd.