random access memories

as the entire internet is abuzz about, daft punk’s new album “random access memories” is dropping may 21. i’m so excited…my favorite band with a disco sound and their new outfits are fittingly all sequinned out courtesy of hedi slimane of saint laurent.  there’s so much anticipation and i love that they’re going back to disco amidst all this freaking edm hype.  watching the collaborators videos about making the album is pretty inspiring too.

i can already tell i’m going to love this album from what’s been teasingly released so far…i mean it’s disco!  and “get lucky” features one of my celebrity crushes, pharrell.  it’s serendipitous that it’s been released on my birthday.  so of course i already pre-ordered it.

i’ve had some great things coincide with my birthday in the past…sun god festival (the only day that ucsd becomes a party school) and shrek 2 (yes, shrek).

this year is the first time i’ll experience having my birthday with final exams and actually have an operations quiz that day. i’d been wanting to a disco theme, and actually even go to a disco, for my birthday but thought nobody would really be into it. but i think daft punk will make things so much easier and actually get people to start liking disco too i think.


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