yes, what the image says.  i signed my summer internship offer letter yesterday and i’m thrilled to be done recruiting.  it’s been a real pain in the ass and tiring.  after applying to at least 50 (no exaggeration) places and interviewing for over a month for both spring and summer, i’m finally DONE.

i’ll actually be taking my first offer, from nordstrom, for the summer, although i did get offers from johnson & johnson and sears (this was hard to turn down, they pay very well).  i also interviewed with coty (withdrawn), amazon, co:collective, estee lauder, gilt (pending), the jones group (pending), kurt salmon, pepsi, quidsi, unilever, sony, and urbn/urban outfitters.

and for the spring, i’ll be doing consumer marketing for mandarin oriental hotel group.  i didn’t get any other offers for spring, but talked to tory burch and louis vuitton (pending).

so let’s see the breakdown…like 47 applications, 15 multi-round interviews, and 3 offers for the summer.  3 applications, 3 interviews, and 1 offer for the spring.  although some stuff is withdrawn or still pending decisions…that’s a pretty terrible yield.  let me tell you kids, it’s no easy thing to get an internship/job in bschool.  sure, they guarantee everyone will get something that pays 6 figures but they lie.  first of all, only banking/consulting really pays 6 figures…and sears apparently.  the minority of your class are done recruiting on campus in january (so odds are that you won’t be done, but don’t sweat it).  and yea everyone will get something, but it’s always been a question of whether i’d get something i actually want…which is much tougher.  fortunately i am doing something i want but that could’ve easily not happened.  there are plenty of people still recruiting and it definitely sucks.

i honestly felt like i’m going to die this semester with the combo of classes, projects, the cfda consulting project, recruiting, and competitions.  thankfully recruiting and the macy’s challenge are done but now my spring internship will commence and i’ll probably still die this semester.  on a bright note, south africa in a few weeks!!