i feel like i’ve lost so many relationships recently…

i’ve been drifting apart from one of my best friends for years now.  i’m really happy for her but i miss hanging out with her and it doesn’t even seem like she misses me.

moving across the country certainly makes things difficult for the rest of my relationships too.  worried about my dad…

then there’s a friend at school who doesn’t feel like a friend anymore.

or…the concrete end of the longest and most significant romantic relationship i’ve ever had.

all my posts are so depressing…

onto more depressing topics!  i have one final left and can say with certainty that i’m not one of those people who go to business school for a “two-year break and to party”.  it’s definitely been challenging for me in accounting and finance.  i knew this going in, but i’m real worried.  everyone says you can’t fail in business school but until i see my final grades, i don’t think i believe it.  sometimes i really question why i’m even in business school…for many, many reasons…

fuck it all.  i can’t wait to go home in 2 days.  i just wonder if there will be anything left for me to come back to as time passes…i certainly don’t have anything here…

i thought i’d feel better writing this (and thinking about what i’m not actually writing)…but i think i feel worse…


2 thoughts on “loss

  1. awwww. so depressing and sad!!! well, if it makes you feel any better, I miss you a ton and can’t wait for you to come home… I’ve been meaning to catch up with you on a lot of things too… can’t wait! come home soon!!!! ❤

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