hello from nyc

so i’ve been in nyc for nearly a month now and i’m still warming up to it.

i was stressed about finding a place;  moving sucks but it sucks even more in nyc.  i actually found a place and am living with 2 other girls; it’s a little farther than i’d like but it’s below my budget (which is ridiculous since ny’s so expensive) and my room’s pretty spacious.  i’m thinking about getting a bike to ride to school/work but i haven’t owned a bike since i was a kid and riding a bike in manhattan’s a little scary, plus i’m really scared of it getting stolen or something.

i was sleeping on a mattress on the floor without even any lights for a while but now i have lamps, a bed frame, and a desk so things are shaping into a real room.  shopping for furniture was its own little issue and even though i’d like to live closer, this whole ordeal’s been such a pain that i don’t want to go through it again and will probably live here for quite a while.

i went to washington dc for the first time during july 4th and i really liked it but it was unbearably hot and humid over there.  it didn’t help that we got around by riding bikes under the sun.  it’s about as hot as in ny but i’m usually indoors since i’m at work and you can manage to find some shade because of all the skyscrapers…not the case in dc.  i think my favorites were the natural history museum and fdr memorial; i’d really like to see the jefferson memorial/city again when the cherry blossoms are blooming.

today, i experienced all sorts of crazy weather.  within a span of a few hours, it went from blazing 90-100 degrees and sunny to a thunderstorm pouring down rain before some pretty good-sized hail started falling.

for some reason, i still don’t really feel like i really live here.  to me, it feels temporary…like i’m visiting.  the tiny orange county suburb i’ve pretty much spent my entire life in is very different in so many ways and i’m still adjusting.  i really miss california though…to be frank, sometimes i just downright hate nyc.

i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that i barely know anyone here.  i’m sure (or at least i hope) i’ll enjoy it more once school starts.

in 2 weeks or so, i’ll be going home to be part of my dear friends’ wedding.  i’m really looking forward to seeing all the people i love again in much better (hopefully) weather.  i’ll even be seeing yug, who i haven’t seen in at least a year and looks drastically different now.  it’ll be a short trip…essentially just the weekend, but it’ll be good to be home.  and at the very least, i need to bring more stuff back to ny because i barely have anything with me.

so if anyone wants my address, feel free to ask…you know, assuming i actually know you and you’re not a weirdo.