what did i do

it’s been a long time since i’ve last blogged…sorry about that.

i’m actually moving to nyc this saturday and although i should be excited, i feel like everyone else is more excited for me than i am.  now that it feels real, all i feel is a sense of “what did i do?”.  i feel stressed about how expensive it will all be and how difficult it’s been for me to find an apartment and thinking about how to move my stuff, then how to fit into a tiny room.  but most of all, i feel really sad for the people i’ll be leaving and missing.

today, i’m selling my car.  it’s not the first car i’ve owned but i’ve had it for over 3 years and although it gets dinged and scratched easily, i really enjoyed it.

my life will be changing completely-i’ll no longer have a car and be taking the subway or maybe even biking, i’ll be unemployed (but being broke seems to be a constant), i’ll be moving out from my parents’ house (YAY!) and living by myself or with roommate(s), on the complete other side of the us, and even my relationship status will be changed.

my school actually doesn’t start until mid-august for orientation but i’m moving out earlier to start working full-time as an intern for two months at a digital branding consultancy for prestige brands.  i sacrificed a free summer that i would’ve loved to use to travel in the hopes it would help my next summer internship search and eventually my career…i hope it was worth it.

just like i hope the mba will be worth the expense and everything i’m sacrificing here…

i’m sure i’ll be really busy once i start school so i started this blog as a way to stay in touch with people so they know what’s going on with me.  looks like its finally going to be used for that purpose…

i feel blue…