wishful thinking?

i’d like to think my last blog post was helpful to this reporter as she wrote this article for the financial times that was published this morning.  afterall, it came out about a week later and is about the exact same topic with some of the same underlying points.

it’s great there’s more information though; i struggled with this as i was researching for business school applications.

i personally find the joint master class between columbia and parsons extremely exciting and it’s an obvious choice for my goals which is why i applied there.  i would like to point out that this is just a class and not a targeted track/specialization/major though.

and i think the article should be more clear that lvmh house is only for lvmh employees; it is not open to applications or anything like that.

and if you need further proof of why hbs is a worthy school for luxury goods, consider the fact that tyra banks not only completed the executive education program there, but now she’ll be doing a speaking engagement there on february 14th for 100 students drawn from a ticket lottery.

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