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adult books

business of fashion came out with their list of this season’s top 10 fashion films.  it’s no surprise that lanvin’s made #1.  but i really enjoyed this one from olympia le-tan as directed by spike jonze called “mourir aupres de toi”:

i think i need me one of these book cover clutches.  it reminds me of jillian tamaki’s covers for penguin that i posted about before.

that’s some naughty thread!

to watch the others, see bof’s original post.



sketchtravel  is a unique international charity art project.  this red sketchbook was passed from one artist’s hand to another like an olympic torch in an artistic relay through 12 countries over 4 and half years.

well, i certainly can’t afford to bid on the original sketchbook (but i wish i could!).  thankfully they’re publishing it for some regular folks like me…too bad it’s only on amazon france.

ETA: well, the auction ended at $96,200!  gyea, too rich for my blood.  owls productions is making a documentary about the project; the site already has some videos of the contributing artists.

i think i have a problem

in the past 7 days, i’ve spent $360.51.  orange shows what was spent on clothing, and green was on fast food.

i’ve never had such few categories, nor one so dominant, for my weekly spending.

friends + family codes

bloomingdales’ friends + family was this past weekend…sorry, i didn’t post up the code.  but we have a couple other active ones.

one of my favorite sites, the outnet, is having an additional 20% off for friends and family until monday at midnight est with code SHARELOVE20.

and tory burch is offering 25% off for hers with code FRIENDS2011 though 10/10.

think different

too good not to share

i wish wired hadn't taken this down, it took me forever to find this

design your own life

words of wisdom

real artists ship

gmat prep deal | up to 52% off

if you’re looking for a deal on veritas gmat prep…you’re in luck.  gilt city‘s currently offering a steep discount on their on demand, online, and in-person (nyc only) courses.  and if you don’t happen to have a gilt membership (uh hello, where have you been?) i think you can get an additional 20% off by signing up through my link here.

it’s still expensive but it’s rare to see a discount this steep so you best take advantage!

i realize some of my readers were directed here by my old gmat teacher matt douglas so i’m sorry if this deal is painful for you.

stay hungry, stay foolish: remembering steve + michael

steve jobs
1955 – 2011

john lasseter + steve jobs

because he valued design and aesthetics as much as function and performance
because he constantly strove to be the best–even until the end. i don’t think it’s a coincidence he died only a day after the iphone 4s was released. he was in it until the end.
because of his creativity and innovation
because i don’t think pixar would be here today if it wasn’t for him
because of his charisma and his ability to inspire others
because he was a regular guy

an oldie but goodie:

michael jackson
1958 – 2009

because he’s the moon walker
because of his compassion and empathy
because he was also a perfectionist
because he felt lonely
because he truly loved his fans
because i abandoned him

why thrill billie jean when you can be a smooth criminal?

because…they left us too soon…were game-changers, no–world-changers…there will never be anyone else like them
rest in peace
i will miss you both, always