savage beauty wrap up

did you really think i wouldn’t post yet again about the “alexander mcqueen: savage beauty” exhibition at the met in its last week?  it’s coming to a close this sunday (8/07) and was a huge smash hit.  it was so successful that…

  • it was extended from ending on july 31st to august 7th
  • on opening day, about 5,100 people visited the exhibit and the museum was forced to suspend guided tours due to the crowd volume.  this was the most trafficked opening day for any exhibit in the museum’s history since it opened in 2005.
  • while the rest of the museum is closed on mondays from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, the exhibit is open for an extra $50
  • the lines/crowds have been pretty crazy (two-hour lines this past weekend)
  • it broke attendance records for a fashion exhibition at the met this past weekend with an attendance of +582,000
  • it’s open until midnight on its final two days

so if you’re planning to see it this week, you should probably sign up for membership to bypass the lines.

i’m sad i’ll never be able to see it, but at least i have the book (which i still need to read) and garance dore got photos!  this is a big deal since photography is prohibited in the exhibition.

see garance’s post for all her shots.


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