i love working with creative people

my firm recently finished its concept package submission for the 2016 olympic plan in rio de janeiro, brazil and it looks amazing.  posting any other details could get us disqualified but i do wish i could share some of what i’m proud to be a part of.

work may not always be easy and i may not always like what i’m working on but i feel very happy and blessed to be working with creative, passionate people.  it may not be perfect, but it’s a dream compared to my last company and being here, i know i will always want to work in a creative industry.

my colleagues are amazing.  they all love what they’re doing so much and are always volunteering and putting in time to work on these extra side projects, from canstruction to a fashion show and so on.  these are all done on their own time, on top of what are already constant killer deadlines and projects.

it’s been a while since i “gave up” on being a designer/artist myself.  i think i just recently realized that just because i love design, doesn’t mean i have to be an actual designer.  i just want to be surrounded by it.  i do miss making things though…

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