i love working with creative people

my firm recently finished its concept package submission for the 2016 olympic plan in rio de janeiro, brazil and it looks amazing.  posting any other details could get us disqualified but i do wish i could share some of what i’m proud to be a part of.

work may not always be easy and i may not always like what i’m working on but i feel very happy and blessed to be working with creative, passionate people.  it may not be perfect, but it’s a dream compared to my last company and being here, i know i will always want to work in a creative industry.

my colleagues are amazing.  they all love what they’re doing so much and are always volunteering and putting in time to work on these extra side projects, from canstruction to a fashion show and so on.  these are all done on their own time, on top of what are already constant killer deadlines and projects.

it’s been a while since i “gave up” on being a designer/artist myself.  i think i just recently realized that just because i love design, doesn’t mean i have to be an actual designer.  i just want to be surrounded by it.  i do miss making things though…

poland: my next summer travel adventure

have any of you watched disney’s take on rapunzel, tangled?  there’s a beautiful scene/tradition of these floating candle-lit lanterns.  my colleague was telling me about how this actually happens somewhere, which made me really excited because it sounds amazing.  i was surprised that it was real though since it sounds like a fire hazard but i’ll let the officials be responsible for that…i want to play!

tangled must’ve been inspired by the midsummer’s eve kupala day celebrations that take place in poznań, poland.  i’ve actually been making a to-do list of activities/goals after i finish applying and get accepted to business school and some of my top goals include travel.  i especially want to see europe as i’ve never been there before, and this will probably be the only time i have so much spare time to spend a month or two traversing that continent (even if i have no money, i don’t care).  i definitely want to incorporate this into my europe trip.  the photos below were stolen from urban aviatrix.

doesn’t this look amazing?  who else wants to go with me?  save up!

toms get luxurious

hello, dear readers…it’s been a while since i last posted, have you missed me?

i love toms.  my feet get tired really easily, which has been irritating to no end, but my toms are like some of the most comfortable shoes i own.  in my trip to nyc in april, the most comfortable pair of shoes i brought were a pair of tory burch reva’s, which girls swear by as being comfortable (lies!).  my feet were in such discomfort from all the walking i was doing that i actually looked up the closest toms retailer on the website and quickly bought a pair for the rest of the trip.

what’s also great about toms is the philanthropic component of their business model, which is also a big marketing/selling point for them–as demonstrated in their motto/slogan “one for one”.

the row, one of mary kate and ashley olsen’s many companies, has collaborated with toms to create a collection made of italian-sourced wool and cashmere blends in their classic styles.  the price points range from $140 to $150, which are about 3x’s more than the price of their normal classic styles.

what do you guys think?

i don’t know how i feel about this.  it feels contradictory almost.  it’s important for toms to have appealing designs and be constructed well and out of quality materials but if one of their key missions is charity, it almost feels wrong to have such an expensive, luxurious pair.  i actually find toms rather expensive already at their normal prices but some can justify it as buying two pairs, including the one that’s donated (but you know, without any tax deduction benefits like real charitable giving).  they’re still donating a pair for each pair bought from this collection, but i almost feel they should be donating 3 pairs, rather than 1.

pixar’s up house a reality

i previously blogged about the national geographic channel’s “how hard can it be” tv show replicating a house flying with balloons from disney-pixar’s up (twice), but now there is an actual house replicating the one carl and ellie lived in–an exact copy down to just about every detail.

bangerter homes, the developer, was granted permission to replicate the house by disney, which is an incredible accomplishment in itself.  i work with disney and they have a lot of strict policies/rules.  the house is located in herriman, utah and just recently finished the exterior.  the interior is still a work in-progress but they’re following the blueprint from the film and being mindful of every detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem–including the weather vane and garden hose.

it’s open for tours starting july 29th until august 14th with an opening asking price of $400,000.  pretty affordable, but it does seem rather small and as much as i love up, pixar, and collectibles…you won’t find me submitting a bid.

it is awfully cute though…

adele can’t make you love me

adele covered bonnie raitt’s heartbreak classic “i can’t make you love me” at the itunes festival in london last night.  the song has always pulled on my heart strings, especially when i’m feeling unrequited love.  and this is perfect for adele, whose heartbreaks are behind the songs that catapulted her into fame.

other songs i love from adele include “chasing pavements”, “rolling in the deep”, and “rumor has it”.

a peek inside louis vuitton voyages

i posted about the exhibition previously, but this is the first look i’ve seen inside.  looks amazing!

this photo was taken by luc castel at the national museum of china.  i was at south coast plaza yesterday and mentally noted how cute the hot air balloon display was at the louis vuitton boutique inside bloomingdale’s.