i’m depressed

…over the new california sales tax law.  under the new law, online retailers with warehouses, officers, workers, or some other connection to the state will have charge sales tax.  i do 90% of my shopping online…and i shop a lot so this is very upsetting to me.  amazon will be the most affected by this law, but other big online retailers and affiliates will have the same problem.

endless is one of my favorite online retailers.  i shop at drugstore and amazon.  i ALWAYS use referral affiliates.  this is affecting my entire online shopping process…no me gusta.

this change will be cushioned by the 1% sales tax drop also taking place at the same time.

One thought on “i’m depressed

  1. I’m curious. Your problem is you have to pay sales tax on items you buy that are taxable?
    Let’s be honest, the whole delivery from “out of state” is corporate style tax loophole people in CA are screaming about.

    Corporations and companies that have tangible ties to the state they are delivering to have the duty to collect all sales tax due. That has always been the law, the internet just gave them a way around it.

    Example: You go to Nevada to buy your new bed room set. They deliver it to your house in CA. You don’t have to pay sales tax in CA and you don’t have to pay sales tax in NV, but the law states you must pay the sales tax from one of those states.

    That is why DE had such a booming market- they have no sales tax so all their customers could opt to pay the 0% DE tax.

    Bottom line – you should have been paying this whole time.

    I don’t mean to sound haughty, mean, or rude so if I do, I am sorry. It’s midnight on the east coast and I am overtired.

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