my take on cars 2

although pixar’s cars was a good movie…i personally felt it was the weakest film in their body of work.  when they announced a sequel, i was disappointed because i felt pixar was only doing it for the money (because cars appeals to the nascar-loving, middle american crowd).

it does make me a feel a little bit better that john lasseter is a part of this crowd and loves cars and the movie itself, but i still see no reason for a sequel.

but still, i planned on watching it because i’m an avid fan and while most sequels can’t compare to the original, pixar has produced sequels that are just as good, or even better, than the originals with the toy story franchise.

pixar has such an amazing track record–consistently producing box-office successes that all score higher than 90% (except cars at 74%, which is still decent), at a total of 11 movies,  is unheard of.  to be honest, i was kind of waiting for when they’d finally “mess up” and i said earlier this year that cars 2 could possibly be that fumble in their otherwise perfect track record.

as cars 2 opens this weekend, i’m choosing not to watch it.  this will be the first time i won’t be watching a pixar movie on opening weekend.  mostly because my gmat is coming up soon and i need to really buckle down so i don’t have to take it a third time (which seems likely at this point).  but also because, cars 2 actually is their fumble…it’s currently at “rotten” with a 40% on rotten tomatoes.  i expected this but i’m still sad.

josh berta over at the design observer is also choosing not to watch cars 2, but he won’t be watching it all, not just opening weekend.  but his reasoning behind that decision is because he feels that cars is too intelligent-design/creationist…i’m not sure if i agree with that.

i read a comment somewhere that said pixar loses out to the “green guy” (shrek and i guess now, rango).


2 thoughts on “my take on cars 2

  1. oh man… 40% is terrible for a pixar movie… what a bust. it would have been better for them if they just didn’t release this one… tarnishes their awesome record. =(

    • yea, but it’ll still be #1 this weekend i’m sure. and they’ll still make gobs of money…maybe that’s all they wanted, which i find way worse.

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