yet another reason i hate the gmat

i want to go to this harry potter tribute exhibition!!!  unfortunately, it’s the weekend before i take the stupid gmat.  so…if you like harry potter, you’re in the area, and you’re not taking a stupid exam…go!

nucleus art gallery & store
210 east main st.
alhambra, ca 91801
saturday, 7.09.11 – monday, 8.01.11

The Harry Potter Tribute Art Exhibition is a collection of work gathered through private invitations, open submissions and the common love for all things Harry Potter.

Opening in our gallery July 9 2011, a week before the final Harry Potter film, the exhibition will feature over 50 artists and nearly 100 tribute works in paintings, sculptures and installations.

$2 per person at the door,

  • FREE to those who come in costume
  • FREE entrance prize of exclusive exhibition buttons (available while supplies last)
  • FREE admission when you Facebook, Twitter, or Blog about the event before July 2


  • Complimentary Butterbeer (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Harry Potter Trivia Contest (sign in at gallery entrance, contestants picked at random)
  • Snitch Seeking Competition
  • Raffle prizes and giveaways (hourly)
  • Mystery flavored Jelly Bellies tasting station
  • Hogwarts Themed Photo Booth
  • Costume Contest (contestants sign in at gallery entrance)(3 staff judges. Winner based on: Presentation, Likeness, Craftsmanship)
  • Pop up shop by Whimsic Alley

7pm – Exhibition Opens
7:15pm – Photo Booth Opens
8pm – 1st Raffle Giveaway (Gryffindor Scarf & Beanie Set)
8:15pm – Trivia Contest Begins (Magic Wand)
8:15pm – Snitch Seeking Contests Begin ($20 gift certificate & more)
9pm – 2nd Raffle Giveaway (Warner Bros Studio Harry Potter Exhibit Tour)
9:15pm – Costume Contest (The Sorting Hat)
10pm – Grand Prize Raffle Giveaway (Exclusive print by Mary Grandpré)

*all attendees will be sorted into houses via FREE door prize.


Abby Boeh
Adam McDaniel
Adolie Day
Alfred Paredes
Amy Kim Kibuishi
Ana Galvañ
Andrea Rossi
Becky Dreistadt
Bill Perkins
Bob Doucette
Britni Brault
Brittney Lee
Cheri Scholten
Chuck Groenink
Corey Godbey
Cory Loftis
Dan Krall
Dan Santat
Ellen Kim
Felicia Cano
Graham Annable
Israel Sanchez
Jaime Zollars
Jake Parker
Jared Andrew Schorr
Jason Caffoe
Johane Matte
John Hendrix
Julianna Brion
Justin Gerard
Kaspian Shore
Kazu Kibuishi
Kei Acedera
Keith Noordzy
Manuel Arenas
Mary Grandpré
Mindy Lee
Nick Iluzada
Nicole Gustafsson
Patrick Moore
Peter Breese
Sebastien Mesnard
Shannon Bonatakis
Sean Chao
So Youn Lee Tran Nguyen
Tang Kheng Heng
Tim Wood
Tony Lombardo
Whitney Mitchell
William Stout
Wilson Swain
and more…

check out the blog:

submission details:

here’s what one of my favorite artists, scott c. campbell, submitted:

ok, i didn’t read it too carefully until i started blogging it and now i REALLY want to go…maybe i will…

especially since i get free admission for blogging (purely unintentional)!

well, even though i won’t (shouldn’t be) able to make the opening reception…i’ll at least check out the exhibition since it runs until august 1st.

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