the weekend in review

** friday 6.17.11 **


after work, i headed over to mesa (pretty much the only cool lounge in orange county) to have drinks for a co-worker who’s transferring to our singapore office.  i was surprised that even at 5:45 pm, the parking lot in the camp was terrible.  it didn’t take me too long to find parking though.

i had a black cherry lychee martini, which was delicious, and a strawberry caipirinha, which was strong and tasted more like tequila than cachaca rum to me.

it’s been about 2 years or so since i’ve last been inside mesa (i attempted to go for my birthday last month but the line was too crazy).  it’s pretty much the same as i remember except the addition of some tv’s in the lounge area and the bathrooms.  i smelled the sizzling mussel plate every now and then and remembered how tasty it was but our group didn’t order any food.

our group got pretty big, taking up the entire corner of the place…i eventually had to take off early for a friend’s birthday dinner in la.


to celebrate my friend’s birthday, we went out to dinner.  he requested american seafood fare and boyfriend suggested son of a gun in west hollywood (pretty close to little door).  we had a group of 12 so our reservation wasn’t until 10:30.  the restaurant’s pretty small and inconspicuous and had a hipster crowd.  the decor/patrons made me think of lumberjack sailors.

it’s supposed to be family style…although i’m not really sure how that works since the portions are so tiny, how are you supposed to share anything.  the waitress said the average person eats about 2-3 plates each.  we were all excited about the lobster roll after our first encounter with the lobsta truck (which was delicious, but not worth the $13 or freaking long wait) because it’s pretty hard to find that kinda food in socal.  it was priced at $7 and for about half the price of the lobsta truck roll and with rent to pay (vs. a crappy taco truck), we should’ve been prepared for its tiny size.  it was annoyingly cute because of how small it was…like the size of my iphone…with its bulky case on.  it was really good though…i really enjoyed the embedded potato chips.

lobster roll

then, we had the shrimp toast…i took one bite and declared it to be even better than the lobster roll.  most people agreed after their initial bites too.  we got over zealous and ordered more and by the end of the night, most people agreed that they liked the lobster roll more because it was lighter.  even though everything’s tiny, i think the shrimp toast was a good size.  i could eat like 3 lobster rolls and still not be satisfied though.

shrimp toast

i think the rest of the dishes we had were average for the most part: oysters (didn’t have, but they were tiny…like everything else), citrus salad (just looked sad), soft shell crab with bacon, peel & eat shrimp boil (again, didn’t try…but i didn’t hear anyone mention how good/bad it was), bay scallops, niman ranch hanger steak, and the salmon collar.  the only other item that was pretty good was the fried chicken sandwich…i liked the very fried and crunchy chicken.  the chicken sandwich is probably the best bang for the buck because not only is it pretty tasty, it’s massive compared to the other dishes (so like pretty big on a normal scale).

fried chicken sandwich

actually, some of the food seemed to have some asian influence: the shrimp toast had mint and what tasted like hoisin sauce while the salmon collar tasted like something i’d eat at a chinese restaurant.

it was pretty pricey for a rather casual american restaurant, but not terrible.  i’d come back, but stick to the lobster roll or shrimp toast.

as far as cocktails go, i had one sloe gin fizz which i really liked.  boyfriend ordered one too but was embarrassed when they came out all pink and topped with maraschino cherries.

the highlight of the night was the birthday boy’s complimentary “dessert”.  since he didn’t order one, they stuck a candle in…ONE…swedish fish gummy candy.

** saturday 6.18.11 **


boyfriend had gotten birthday boy tickets to u2 for his birthday last year, but u2 canceled their tour and it was rescheduled to this year.  although i’m not really a u2 fan, i do enjoy a lot of their songs and had a good time.  lenny kravitz was the opener and although i don’t consider myself a fan, i was surprised by how many songs i liked of his.  this was definitely the biggest concert i’ve been to and was surprised to see that people would actually come early and tail gate.  we sat in the nosebleeds but in the middle.  the u2 stage is 360 so there’s a view no matter where you sit and they like to walk/run/play around the outer ring.

lenny kravitz rocking out

i have to admit…the stage was pretty sweet.  it owns daft punk’s pyramid, sorry boys.

seriously though, i can’t even begin to describe how cool the stage is.  it has 2 bridges that connect the main center stage with the outer ring, which moves; the drum set platform rotates; there’s a woven tv display system that not only moves up and down, but can expand/contract; there are all kinds of lights; it looks like a rocket/dinosaur/monster/octopus tentacles; and my favorite, it can turn into the world’s largest disco!

u2's 360 stage inside angel stadium

bono singing on the movable bridge that connects the stage to the ring

displays contracted

displays expanded

tron-inspired: laser lights & mic with a lit-up jacket-wearing bono


the finale: "with or without you" a la disco

i can’t believe this crazy thing travels on the tour with them.  i heard that it takes workers 3 days to set up/break down everything and that $250,000 goes to paying all the staff per day.  i wonder how many trucks follow the bus around…insane!

** sunday 6.19.11 **


my dad said he wanted to eat at red lobster for father’s day.  since it’s a special day, i opted for the boiling crab in garden grove because it’s way yummier.  i was worried about how long we’d have to wait since it’s always insane there and i’m sure father’s day would make it worse.  when we got there at 6:45 pm, we were told it’d take 1 hr 45 min, so i tried the other location on euclid before possibly settling for the red lobster.  at the euclid location, we were told it’d be over 2 hrs.  i called the closest red lobster and they said it’d take 1 hr 30 min (also doesn’t take reservations) so i figured we might as well just wait for boiling crab.

i was hoping it’d be one of those places where they grossly overestimate the wait, but the hostess was pretty spot-on with her initial 1 hr 45 min estimation.  i’d check-in about every 30 min and sometimes someone would say it’d take about 30 min more only to be told 30 min later that it’d be another 45 min.  but overall it was slightly under 1 hr 45 min.

there are very few things that i think are worth waiting for that long…especially since they had ran out of blue crab, lobster, clams, and sweet potato fries.  we ordered 2 corn on the cobs, 1 dungeness crab, 1 lb of king crab legs, 1 fried shrimp basket with cajun fries, and 6 cajun hot wings.  boy, it was tasty…especially the king crab legs and fried shrimp.  it was a first trying their hot wings, and they were really good…i must admit, that pretty much all their food is really good.  i’d love to come back but i don’t know if i can bear the wait anytime soon.

and at under $35/each, really reasonably priced.  i want more king crab…drool…

even after we left, at around 9:30 pm, there was still a crowd of people waiting outside…crazy.


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