new vs. old | the gre edition

the gre is an exam that most graduate programs require, like the sat’s for undergraduate college.  this is a general test (given away by its name), but some business schools already accept it as an alternative to the gmat.  the gre is changing the format of the test (so is the gmat, but that’s not for another year or so) and prep company magoosh came out with the great infographic and video below explaining the differences.

i really like how magoosh designed this…it’s pretty refreshing for something academic/educational.

i would still recommend taking the gmat over the gre for business school admissions even though the gre is supposed to be easier.

the gre’s currently offering a 50% discount for people who take it in august and september, but that’s because they’re changing the format in the middle of mba application season.  so you won’t know your results until november!  this can really mess up your application strategy.

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