so i just got an email from my college’s alumni association with the subject: “you: among the world’s best” and i normally delete all emails from them because i’m not very active and i get hundreds of emails a day, and i delete about 95% of them, but this was a good hook.  i was curious to find out how my undergraduate institution had ranked for something, so i opened the email and did a quick scan to see how we fared…nothing stood out.  but then, there it was, at the top…what we are “among the world’s best” in is…being named a top surf school by surfer magazine

seriously?!  it’s no wonder that there’s a common misconception that it’s a party school (which we are definitely not…often confused with our neighboring state university).

it’s no ivy league, but we’re pretty decent still.  to make this the highlight of your e-newsletter…is sad, especially if it’s for alumni.  it doesn’t give us much to be proud of.  it’s no wonder that i have absolutely 0 school spirit (not having a football team or strong athletics in general also does that).


5 thoughts on “fail.

  1. go TRITONS!!!! best surf school~ SCORE!

    hehe. =) at least we’re best at something~ have more pride!! UCSD is a great school~

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