i’m depressed

…over the new california sales tax law.  under the new law, online retailers with warehouses, officers, workers, or some other connection to the state will have charge sales tax.  i do 90% of my shopping online…and i shop a lot so this is very upsetting to me.  amazon will be the most affected by this law, but other big online retailers and affiliates will have the same problem.

endless is one of my favorite online retailers.  i shop at drugstore and amazon.  i ALWAYS use referral affiliates.  this is affecting my entire online shopping process…no me gusta.

this change will be cushioned by the 1% sales tax drop also taking place at the same time.

christian louboutin is en pointe

if you find christian louboutin’s painful, then these 8″ stiletto toe shoes will be murder on your feet.  they were designed for a charity auction to benefit the english national ballet.  msr. louboutin commented, “‘Isn’t the classical dancing ballet slipper the ultimate heel? The heel which makes dancers closer than any other women to the sky, closer to heaven.”

i love ballet and louboutin but these are definitely meant for display, not wear.

sample sale | cc skye | 7.06.11 – 7.08.11

i’m a fan of cc skye’s jewelry, although it’s pretty expensive and overpriced in my opinion.  that’s why it’s nice they’re having a sample sale…the first i’ve seen!  handbags will be priced from $25-$75 while the jewelry will be $10-$50.

wednesday – friday (7.06 – 7.08): 10 am – 5 pm

noho lofts
5355 cartwright avenue
suite 104
north hollywood, ca 91601

cash & check only
park on chandler blvd.
dial 203 at the gate


with harry potter & the deathly hallows part 2 opening in just a week and some change (squeal!), college fashion put together a beauty post inspired by the 4 different hogwarts houses.





and a couple from the characters:

hermione granger

luna lovegood

bellatrix lestrange

for explanations of how to effectively capture “the look”, check out their post.  they’ve also done some harry potter-inspired fashion posts before:





this will help me think of what to wear when i go to that harry potter tribute art exhibition (yes, i’m going!  i don’t care!).  i won’t be wearing a costume although it will probably be relatively easy for me to pass as cho chang.  especially since i like blue, ravenclaw, and those shoes in the formal look are a knock-off of the christian louboutin canon 140’s i’ve been lusting after.

i think i would’ve liked to be in ravenclaw out of all the houses even though our heroes are all in gryffindor.  my favorite characters were sirius black (gryffindor) and severus snape (slytherin).  i can’t wait until i’m done with all this bschool nonsense so i can get down to what really matters–reading harry potter again.

i envy smurfette

i thought “the simpsons” feature that harper’s bazaar did for the simpsons movie was so cute.  well, they’ve done it again.  sony’s the smurfs movie is opening july 29th.

marc jacobs


dolce & gabbana

louis vuitton

for pricing and other information, see the article here.


first look | pixar’s brave

brave will be disney-pixar’s first movie with a female lead…excited!  this project has been pushed back for a few years for the crap that is cars 2.

here’s the teaser trailer:

it’s coming out next summer!

highlights from alexander mcqueen resort 2012

i appreciate that sarah burton isn’t trying to imitate alexander mcqueen and i actually like her signature softness that she brings to his normally dark, romantic style.  the resort 2012 collection is another example of this fusion with military/utilitarian details and edwardian silhouettes combined with lace and tulle.  fashionologie’s calling the style “romantic utlity” and it keeps a lot of mcqueen’s signature elements, like high necks, cinched waistlines, and embellished gowns but now with easier wearability.

after dressing michelle obama and designing kate middleton’s wedding dress, sarah burton has certainly increased the fashion house’s popularity.

and my favorites:

banana republic’s complete mad men collection

starting august 11th, banana republic stores in north america and online will be carrying the mad men capsule collection created by the show’s costume designer, janie bryant.  but banana republic facebook fans can order from the collection one day earlier on august 10th.

the collection was supposed to coincide with the long-awaited return of mad men the television show on amc and even though the season premiere has been pushed back to next year, the 65-piece line for men and women is coming out anyway.

the women’s collection features trench coats, high-waisted skirts, 60’s-style dresses, and leopard print pumps; while the men’s collection includes everything from suits and pocket squares to money clips and knitted sweaters.

as much as i enjoy the 60’s style and mad men, i’m a little under whelmed with the line…what do you think?  although i think i have to have the pussy-bow blouse because it looks a lot like the mango one i’ve been wanting since i saw it worn by olivia palermo:

i actually love everything about this outfit and love her style.

my take on cars 2

although pixar’s cars was a good movie…i personally felt it was the weakest film in their body of work.  when they announced a sequel, i was disappointed because i felt pixar was only doing it for the money (because cars appeals to the nascar-loving, middle american crowd).

it does make me a feel a little bit better that john lasseter is a part of this crowd and loves cars and the movie itself, but i still see no reason for a sequel.

but still, i planned on watching it because i’m an avid fan and while most sequels can’t compare to the original, pixar has produced sequels that are just as good, or even better, than the originals with the toy story franchise.

pixar has such an amazing track record–consistently producing box-office successes that all score higher than 90% (except cars at 74%, which is still decent), at a total of 11 movies,  is unheard of.  to be honest, i was kind of waiting for when they’d finally “mess up” and i said earlier this year that cars 2 could possibly be that fumble in their otherwise perfect track record.

as cars 2 opens this weekend, i’m choosing not to watch it.  this will be the first time i won’t be watching a pixar movie on opening weekend.  mostly because my gmat is coming up soon and i need to really buckle down so i don’t have to take it a third time (which seems likely at this point).  but also because, cars 2 actually is their fumble…it’s currently at “rotten” with a 40% on rotten tomatoes.  i expected this but i’m still sad.

josh berta over at the design observer is also choosing not to watch cars 2, but he won’t be watching it all, not just opening weekend.  but his reasoning behind that decision is because he feels that cars is too intelligent-design/creationist…i’m not sure if i agree with that.

i read a comment somewhere that said pixar loses out to the “green guy” (shrek and i guess now, rango).

nicola formichetti’s newest muse: nomi ruiz of jessica 6

** WARNING: video nsfw **

nicola formichetti, the mind behind mugler, who is known for transforming relative unknowns into stars (rico, and to some degree lady gaga) has found his latest muse: nomi ruiz, a transgender singer from brooklyn.

nomi ruiz

in the latest mugler men’s campaign video, she can be spotted vamping on the bed in the bondage scene.

i first knew of nomi from her contributions to hercules & love affair’s debut album, which i loved and the only album i like of theirs really.  helping to form the hercules & love affair, led to the formation of her current band, jessica 6.  jessica 6 not only did part of the music for the above video, they also did the soundtrack for the show.  formichetti also styled nomi for a spread in the forthcoming issue of v magazine