cheers to the unwed + childless

i was going through my google reader and read this post from the frisky and it resonated with me strongly, particularly because i have no plans to have kids.  sometimes i even wonder if i even want to get married at all so if i never get married or have kids, what milestones can i celebrate besides my birthday?  everyone has a birthday–what’s more unique and special to my life?  it seems like post-graduation celebrations are all about family life: marriage, children, anniversaries, etc.

there’s a trade-off to everything…when you attend a wedding, you’re expected to buy a gift for the happy couple that’s about the same price as the cost of your meal at the reception.  and the bridal showers, baby showers, wedding presents, etc. are given with the understanding that someday these will be repaid to you when you get to that point in your life…but what if you never do these things?

and please don’t feel pity for these people.  maybe they are “unfortunate” and have not met the right person or don’t have properly functioning reproductive systems, but…maybe that’s just what they envisioned and planned.  what’s wrong with that?  marriage and children aren’t for everyone.

i feel horrible for even referencing that episode of sex & the city where carrie’s manolo blahniks are stolen at her friend’s baby shower or whatever, but i do empathize with her character in that situation.

i recently turned 27 and the number makes me feel old but i feel like it hasn’t been that long since i graduated college, or that i’m even really that old…on the inside.  my high school reunion will be next year and when i was in high school, i always pictured this moment as when i’m “old” and married and people would have kids and be pretty far along in their careers.  but now that it’s almost here…far in the career?  we’re just getting started!  and married with kids?  yea, there are some people already there or almost there, but i don’t want it just yet and i feel like it’ll still be a while before i do.

so for all the unwed, childless women out there–and who are, more importantly, completely fine with that–cheers to you.

and on a somewhat unrelated tangent…i was examining my split ends today and noticed a white hair.  it’s been a long time since i’ve spotted one so i pulled it out.  turns out it was only white at the ends and the root was my original color–actually, only about 30% of it was white.  and since my hair’s pretty long, that means that it was white like 4 years ago–means i pulled that hair out for no reason and that it probably turned white from stress or something 4 years ago.


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