travel deal | airfare between la + vegas only $9!

hurry, this is unbelievable!  spirit airlines is offering airfare for just $9 between los angeles and las vegas!  it ends up being about $39 round trip…which is amazing because i jumped at jetblue’s $19 fare (pre-taxes/fees) each way between long beach and las vegas and this is much less.

the sale is to celebrate its new non-stop service between the two cities and available on tuesday-wednesday departures starting may 10th – june 15th.

visit spirit airlines for more details and to BOOK! DO IT!


4 thoughts on “travel deal | airfare between la + vegas only $9!

    • i think it’s one of those budget carriers. i did that when i went to monterey…wasn’t bad. they make their money off of charging you or things like seat selection, etc.

  1. wow. amazing. i hear they charge a ton for bags though. mom said they charge $30 for checking bags and $35 for carry on or something. haha

    • yea, they do…i think it’s $45 for checked bag. most airlines charge for checking baggage now though and i think even with the cost of baggage the flight ends of being on the lower side of airfare. may not be cheapest anymore but still a pretty good deal all things considered.

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