stackable giraffe family

i just saw these pots in the new anthropologie catalog and i love them.  they’re so adorable!  i like giraffes and when they’re stacked, they remind me of my “piggy back” art print from artist rachel deacon.  i actually do need a pot for my mini gerbera daisy plant at work but i wouldn’t want to orphan the baby and i wouldn’t know what to do with the others.  i need my own place already!  i have already added it to my amazon future home wish list but i wish i could have instant gratification.

anthropologie giraffe stack pots, taupe

"piggy back" by rachel deacon

the set of 3 stackable giraffe pots is being sold at anthropologie for $128 and is available in taupe (pictured in this post) and rainbow.  there’s also an elephant version.


One thought on “stackable giraffe family

  1. hehe. that’s cute~~ even if you just leave it stacked somewhere as decoration, it’d be adorable. maybe if you wait long enough, you can get it for $2!

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