be mine, valentine

my special someone gave me this valentine on thee most “romantic” holiday of the year:

me + you: this kind of love is intergalactic

this is from sardinian-born designer barbara pala’s “me+you” series, featuring iconic couples. they’re all so witty and cute that i have to share them all. and there’s a variation for just about everyone, regardless of your relationship status.

can you figure out all the references?

me + you + you: some people just have a lot of love to give

me + you: there's a dark side to love

me + you: rubber ducky, i'm awfully fond of you

me + me: look into the mirror & love what you see
me + you go together like peas & carrots
me + you: all you need is love
me + you: drugged, drunk, & desperately in love

isn’t this series fun? from top to bottom the answers are (1) han solo + princess leia, (2) playboy bunny + hugh heffner + playboy bunny, (3) black swan + white swan, (4) ernie + burt, (5) kanye west, (6) forest + jenny, (7) john lennon + yoko ono, and (8) kurt cobain + courtney love. i especially love the kanye one!

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